editorial services



Do you have a book you would like to write? Not sure how to get started? Shanon can help you write a polished, professional, edited book ready for publication.

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Need to hook your audience and reel them in? Stumped for stories for your newsletter? Looking to write killer web copy?

Over the years, Shanon has honed the ability to take highly complex content and create simple, easy-to-understand materials for the public. From emails to reports to campaign materials, Shanon has worked on several projects in many different industries.

With clients like government departments, public health, colleges, universities, and other local businesses, Shanon can help you with all kinds of writing genres.

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editing and proofreading

Do you need a fresh set of eyes on your work? Does it need proofreading before you submit it?

Shanon can help you polish your writing so it shines for your audience.

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Do you have a newsletter, postcard, announcement, or social media post to design? Need an artistic viewpoint on your project?

Shanon can design digital and print materials for just about any project to fit your needs.

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