what does a ghostwriter do?

When I tell people that I’m a ghostwriter, I often see a furrowed brow with a question mark above the person’s head. Ok, so the question mark isn’t really there, but the question that always follows is “What does a ghostwriter do?”

Well, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “to ghostwrite” as “to write for and in the name of another”. Very simply, you have a book in your head that I help you get on paper while you retain all rights as the author of the work.

Now that we have a definition of ghostwriting, here are some of the specific things a ghostwriter does to help you write your book:


The number one job for a ghostwriter is to listen. When we first meet to discuss your book, we will have a series of taped interviews. Those interviews essentially become your spoken manuscript and will be transcribed and shaped into your book.

If you already have a whole or partially written manuscript, we can use it to incorporate into the book as well.

Asks questions

During the interviews and the writing phase, the ghostwriter will ask questions. Since you are so close to your subject matter, you may not anticipate questions that might arise from a reader, an editor, or a publisher. The ghostwriter will be able to offer expertise on when to expand a key point, to clarify a concept, or to delve more deeply into a topic.

Creates structure and flow

Every book, regardless of genre, needs a beginning, a middle and an end. Our brains, however, are not structured this way. Your interviews may start in the middle, or the end of the book, and the ghostwriter, by asking questions, will be able to help you discover the missing or hidden pieces of the puzzle.

Keeps your book on schedule

How often have you tried to sit down to write your masterpiece when something more pressing came along and months passed before you picked it up again?

A ghostwriter will schedule monthly writing and revision deadlines to keep your book moving forward. Your masterpiece is the ghostwriter’s priority.

Adapts to your voice

As a ghostwriter, my job is to remain anonymous. Therefore, when I craft the book from your manuscript, I use language and tone that is unique to your voice. I write the book from your perspective, from your stories and from your truth.

Is discreet

You are the named author of the work. I value your privacy, confidentiality, and your rights to your ideas, concepts, and content. I will never share, copy, or use your material without your consent.


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